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We are a close team of creative professionals based out of Dubai. We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to provide exceptional custom solutions.

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In today's modern age of digital dominance, it is essential that your company has a strong online presence. Your company can improve traffic, build relationships with clients, reach new markets, and maximize your marketing spend by improving its digital presence. DraculApp's mission is to enable companies to express all their potential through technology by integrating communication strategies, web design, and software programming. As an experienced digital integrator, we are here to help companies successfully navigate the wide and dynamic technological transformation of this century.

The History of Draculapp™

DraculApp™ is a pioneering Italian Digital Integrator. We’ve led the charge in our field, both now and since our start in 2008. When we opened our first branches in Turin and Milan, we showcased our passion and tenacity for mobile application development and digital marketing skills. As our brand grew, so did our accolades. From 2011-2014, we went to the finals of “App Circus'' Italy, won Politecnico di Milano, and were named a finalist in the “Arab Mobile Challenge” in Doha, Qatar. Along the way, we opened our London HQ across the pond. Five years after its founding, DraculApp expanded outside of Europe to our first Middle East location in Dubai. Now, we dominate both Europe and the Middle East with our intuitive, cutting- edge services.

Why Dracula?

Even now that you understand our full history, you’re probably wondering...why Dracula? Dracula eeks into every aspect of our marketing, including our logo. That little smartphone with bat wings and fangs has been with us since our very start. DraculApp™ combines technology and talent to make a skilled digital integrator. We formed our company asking the question “can technology be creative?” Our answer is, of course, yes. We sink our teeth into our work and develop mobile technology that bites into diverse customer bases. Because we consider technology both art and communication, we fly far above our competitors. Essentially, our abilities are vampiric. Just because we have long wings doesn’t mean we don’t keep our feet on the ground. Like Dracula in his library, we constantly study and improve to remain the best digital integrator around. In the wide and dynamic technological transformation of this century, adaptability is an absolute necessity. Flying high, different views.

DraculApp™ Accolades

As an industry leader, DraculApp boasts high-profile awards and recognition. Highlights from our history include:

  • Finalist in “App Circus” Italian Edition (2011)
  • Recognition from Italia 360 Accenture Prospera for the project “Blood Up,” realized by Oscar Badoino (2012)
  • Winner of Politecnico di Milano, again for the project “Blood Up” (2013)
  • Finalist in “Arab Mobile Challenge” in Doha, Qatar (2013)
  • Seminar ar Pontifical University in Rome (2013)
  • Membership in the association “Italiani negli Emirati” (2014)
  • Specialist in Nautical Digital Communication Sectors for Shipyards and Touristic Amenities (2015)
  • Contributor of a dedicated mobile app to TedX Torino Edition (2018)
  • Partnership with Dubai Start World Portal (2019)

Diverse Digital Integration Services

We bring varied, international specialists to run a gamut of in-house digital integration services. Let’s bite into just a few of our specialty services.

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