February 5, 2022
Best Social Media Advertising Trends You Should Know About
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The level of social media’s infiltration into the lives of people has been unprecedented. 3.96 billion internet users globally are now active on social media. That’s almost 5 percent more than in 2021, and the figure will only continue to increase.

In recognition of the influence of social media on people of all ages and backgrounds, businesses worldwide are strongly embracing social media advertising.

Provided you always stay on top of the best social media advertising trends, this digital marketing approach can yield incredible results. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the hottest social media trends that marketers can expect in 2022.

Ephemeral Content Gets More Popular

Snapchat and Instagram Stories have become wildly popular among users. Facebook has now included this format in its homepage feed.

This type of content is what users call “ephemeral content.” Its purpose is to entice viewers into wanting to know more about what they’ve just seen.

What makes ephemeral content one of the most effective marketing tips is its ability to stimulate the fear of missing out. People naturally want to know the conclusion of something. Story formats thus prove an immediate reaction, with people clicking through to discover more.

Brands that create and post interesting ephemeral content will have users coming back for more day after day. The more engaged your target audience is, the more likely they are to convert.

Influencer Marketing Growing

Influencer marketing is a huge industry, with the sector expected to reach 24.1 billion globally in 2025. The sector has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. That’s because it works.

But exactly what makes this marketing approach so effective?

Well, influencer marketing is founded on word-of-mouth and social proof, which are the most powerful marketing tools. Consumers will make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from people they trust in 92% of cases. Getting an influencer to endorse your product or service can get many of their followers to become your customers.

Video Is the New King

Video has risen to become the go-to format for marketers globally. 2021 reaffirmed the role of video content for brands looking to market on social media. The continuing meteoric rise of TikTok showed marketers that short-form video is now the preferred content for social media users.

The exponential growth of TikTok has inspired other major social platforms to focus more on video. Instagram has introduced its Reels function to take advantage of the growing popularity of short-form videos.

Marketers across the globe have quickly taken note and will continue to exploit the effectiveness of video to reach consumers. Companies that offer digital services for businesses will also continue to introduce packages that help businesses implement effective video marketing campaigns on social media.

Stay on Top of the Best Social Media Advertising Trends

The emergence of social media has presented brands with an incredible opportunity to reach and engage with their target audience. But to achieve the best results on these platforms, you need to keep abreast of the best social media advertising trends each year.

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